Sunday, July 11, 2010

You are marvelous, divine beings...Now stand the hell up and act like it!

I have really been drawn all things Goddess for the last couple of years. I love the old Goddess mythology, Egyptian tales, etc. I LOVE that the oldest depictions of the Goddess show a very round, chubby, mommy shaped Goddess. In fact, when I saw pictures of that, I though, "My god, maybe I am the Goddess. She is shaped just like me!" A good year later, I read a thought provoking book, "The Moon Under her Feet". That book left me with the full realization that I really am the Goddess. I am Isis, Goddess of motherhood and domestic arts. I am Inanna, the Queen of Heaven. I am most certainly Artemis, Goddess of dance, singing, and enchantment. I am, without a doubt, Demeter, Goddess of protecting women. I am also Kwan Yin, Vesta, Anu, Danu, Rhiannon....and the list goes on. I am, in all of my greatness, just like them. When I am nurturing my children, healing my clients, tending my garding, loving my dogs, cleaning my home, baking bread, tending to family members and friends in need, I am the the Goddess. I am also, in my darkest moments, just like them. When I am grieving, sorrowing, raging against injustice, or just raging to rage, I am the Goddess. When I having PMS and I am being mean to my husband and kids, I am the Goddess. When I am laughing with friends, playing games, teasing, joking, singing, and spreading joy, I am the Goddess. When I am communing with nature, hiking, swimming, basking in the sunlight, soaking in the moonlight, and loving the earth, I am the Goddess. When I can forgive those who have hurt me, and when I can forgive myself for my own missteps, I AM THE GODDESS! It is an amazingly freeing realization, to become the Goddess. I am all powerful. I control everything around me. I am a formidible force for good, being that I am the Goddess and all.

Sometimes I need to be reminded. Last week, I was playing in a softball game, and I got up to bat. I was thinking about how tired I was feeling, how much work it is to get a good hit and run the bases, and that maybe I should just try to walk. Then my inner guidance slapped me inside the head and said, "You are the Goddess, dammit! Act like it! The Goddess can swing the bat and run, for pity's sake!" So, you know what? I swang the bat, and I hit, the ball, and I got on first base, no problem. The Goddess is no sissy, after all! And neither am I. Anything that I need to do, no matter how difficult, can be done when I remember who I am.

And hear comes the point of this article. Are you ready? Have you already figured this out? Take a deep breath, this may come as a shock. YOU are the Goddess. Yes, you are. You really are. When you nuture, love, laugh, cry, dance, sing, rage, scream, or just are She. The Queen of Heaven. When you love someone you would love to hate, you are Her. When you get all riled up about something seemingly trivial, you are Her. She is you. You are me. I am you. Do you get it yet? We are all one. One in our love, one in efforts, and one in our attempts to change to world.

The Goddess in me needs to change the world. She is passionate about it! She won't leave me alone about it! She came here to get things done, and she won't rest until it is so. Will you join me? Will you rise up, claim your divinity, and be the Goddess? Will you smile when people call you a bitch, and know that Bitch is just another word for Goddess-that-scares-the-crap-out-of-people? Will you follow your heart, listen to your inner guidance, and get the job done? Will you remember, even when you feel like wimping out, that the Goddess is not a sissy? I believe that you will. I know that if you let the Goddess out of the bag, that your life will never be the same. I know that if you decide to embrace you own inner Goddess, and join us, that you will be a force to be reckoned with. I know that you will be unstoppable, fearless, and, I hope, that every once in a while, you will proudly wear the label of Bitch Goddess!