Sunday, July 11, 2010

Do it all ready, dammit!

Okay, I started this blog because I am feeling the need to write, and I have had so many magical things happen in my world lately, I would love to share them. The problem is, my ego just keeps getting in my way! This morning, while in the bathtub, I was told about an article that I need to write today. I get a lot of intuition in the tub. Unfortunately, my laptop does not belong in there. Anyways, I get out of the tub, get dressed, and head into the mediatation room to write. I declare to my husband that I am not doing ANYTHING until this article is written. That is when I realize that I really should pull my hair up, since I simply can't write with wet hair streaming down my back. After my hair is put up, I realize that I am unable to write with bad breath, and stop to brush my teeth. Then, I settle in to write....but I forgot my coffee. And maybe I will be more successful if I have some incense burning. I end up out at on the patio looking for matches, which results in the dogs coming in to help me write. By this time, I have realized that what I should really be writing is an article about avoiding, because that I what I am truly skilled at. Perhaps, I reason, I should light a chime candle, and be determined to write until the candle burns down. Brilliant. I light a white candle, call in my angels for guidance, and settle in to write. That is when I bump the coffee table and spill coffee all over my new Archangel Rafael cards. Crap. Okay, cards cleaned up, ready to write. Now, the kids are home from grandmas, and beating the tar out of each other. Husband deals with kids, now bassett hound jumps out on the couch and whips me in the face with her tail. Candle is burned down by 1/4. All right, I don't care if this house burns down around me, I am writing this now! As soon as I check my facebook page....


  1. LOL, good Katie. Honesty and blogging and magic go hand in hand in hand. Awesome start!

  2. Love it! Procrastination is my middle name as well! So, now that you know all that you need to have around you for "successful" writing, next time will be easy, right? Coffee in a non-tippable mug, matches left with candles/incense, etc. But wait...what other conditions will your ego come up with next? ;-)