Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jesus as I know him

It is 3:53 in the morning on Christmas day, and I can't sleep. I am not too excited or too buzzed on sugar. I just can't settle in. I realized that maybe if I blog some of my feelings, sleep will finally grace me. Christmas is a weird holiday for me. I know that sounds strange to some, but it is true. Several years ago, my belief system change dramatically. For a time, I did not have a belief about Jesus. I just wasn't sure. In fact, I wanted to throw the whole "Baby Jesus born from a Virgin mother" story completely out the window. I have kids, though. And kids really want their parents to celebrate Christmas! To make matters worse, in the work that I do, Jesus kept coming in. I kept getting words like "Christ Consciousness", and hearing the psychics and healers that I revere the most talking about Jesus. I knew that I had to form a belief that I was comfortable with, and that was my truth.

I set out on a quest, reading books, meditating, and searching for the truth, as it is for me. This is what I came up with. Jesus is:
  • A master healer
  • A wonderful example of unconditional love
  • A teacher, who through his actions, proved that he was extremely special. He clearly understoon his divinity much better that most of us.
  • An anscended master who is gentle, easy to work with, and accessible to anyone who calls on him.
  • The most misunderstood and misused historical figure of the last 2 millenia.
  • Probably a lot more than my 4:00 AM brain can process right now.

He really did want peace, you know. Then, now. And he loved everybody. EVERYBODY. He would not have ever wanted mass wars and deaths in his name. He would be baffled by crazy laws like DADT. He knows very well that we are all born in perfect order, and that love is always the answer.

This year, my family has had to reach out to family, friends, and the community for help covering my dad's medical costs. We have been constantly humbled and blessed by really generous people. In a little more than a month, we have raised a substantial amount of money. I can feel that "Christ Consciousness" in action. Our neighbors, family, and community mates, many of whom we have broken religious ties to, have overlooked our differences and come to our rescue. I truly honor them for that. I hope that I will have the wisdom to always do the same.

So, on this quiet morning, I wish you all a happy Christmas. I hope that you have had a year full of tender mercies and acts of sweet love. I have. I hope that you will carry that energy into the new year, and continue to do more, spread love, peace, and tolerance. I promise that I will. I hope that you will allow me to have my truth, as I know it. I urge to all to find your truth, and allow yourselves to be comfortable with it. And most of all, I bid you, "Peace on earth, goodwill to all."

Monday, November 22, 2010

Angels all around me

I often call on Angels for assistance. I ask for help with protection, clarity, emotional issues, health, etc. The Archangel for protection is Archangel Michael. For a while now, everytime I ask for protection, Michael tells me, "Of course, but you need to know that you are fine. You have so much to accomplish, we are not going to let anyting happen to you!" Even my kids say that they love riding in my car because they know that I have a lot of Angels with me (as do they).

Yesterday I was driving down a slick snowy highway towards the Grand Teton Mountain range, when my truck lost control and started sliding sideways. I was prompted loudly in my ear to take my hands off of the wheel and my feet off of the pedals. I did, and the truck spun around in two full circles and dismounted gracefully into a snowbank facing the wrong direction. We were safe! I realized after we stopped that I had been chanting "Michael, Micheal, Michael" until the car came to a halt. Somehow I managed to keep focused, listen to my guidance system, and call on Archangel Micheal. Shortly thereafter, another Angel in a green Dodge stopped and pulled us out of the snow drift that we were buried in. After analyzing our tracks, onlookers agreed that it made no sense that the truck ended up where it did, but my passenger, Janet, and I knew why!

Later, I asked my Angels why it happened at all. The message was this, "You have so much to accomplish, and we need you to shed the last of your fear and get going. This was a reminder that you are always safe in our care." What a wonderful message to me!

If you are not familiar with working with Angels, I strongly suggest that you learn more. Doreen Virtue is my favorite Angel communicator. She has many books, cds and cards on the subject. In the meantime, though, just know that we were all born with a built in guidance system. Angels are a part of that. Angels are almost always on your right side, so when you want to address them, turn to the right. Archangels are the superstars of the Angel realm, and have different strengths. Michael, obviously is about protection (among other things), Rafael is all about health, and so on.

I do a reading for my clients that leads them to a face to face meeting with their Angels and spirit guides. It is so exciting for my clients to learn their names, ask them questions, and find easier ways to connect. If you have been wondering how to connect, this would be a great reading for you.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone. This year I am so grateful for my family, my amazing, constantly growing circle of friends, and, of course, my Angels!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In Goddess We Trust!

I channel angels, guides, and spirits quite a bit. Lately, most of my channelings have been with the Goddess. I became intensely aware of her presence in my life in 2009. I channeled a guide named Crystal who helped me to write a book about vibrating high in a low vibrating world. I have been tweaking it, and hope to publish it soon. Here is a short explanation of the Goddess, taken from that book:

"The goddess is the mother, the female half. When she holds you in her hands, you are healed, nurtured, and safe. She is responsible for the ascension of all of her children. She is not affected by human emotions, but she is capable of handing down Karma for our own good and knowledge. When you pray to the Goddess, expect results fast. She is capable of making anything happen for you, so long as it is in your highest and best good. She would never, ever punish or hurt one of her children. She is thrilled when you pray to her. She wants to help and nurture you. The Goddess wants you to succeed. Once you have begun communicating with Her, all things are possible for you. Expect the unexpected. Believe the unbelievable. Realize that things are often not what they seem. Learn to use your own intuition to discern truth for yourself. She will help you do that. She will also help to give you the conviction to stand up for what you believe in, regardless of whether it is mainstream or not."

As I watch the strange events unfolding in our country, I can't help but think, we need a Goddess on earth now. We need a woman to rise up as a mouthpiece for the Goddess. We need someone who can inspire through love, example, and honesty. We need someone who can speak freely, without the constrictions of a network, a political party, or religion. We have had many Goddesses who have helped to change the world. Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa, Oprah and Princess Di are a few who come to mind, though there have been too many to list. Somehow, these women reached deep inside of themselves brought forth their own divinity. In doing so, they have managed to help millions of people. The younger generations have become complacent, however. They have stopped sending their Goddesses out to the world to speak their truth.

People have really started to falter, to lose hope. When we can clear out the layers of fear, disolve our differences, and learn to cooperate, our vibration will rise. The collective consciousness will raise higher and higher. We will truly understand and practice undconditional love. The Divine Feminine energy that is surging right now will change the way that we interact with each other. We will truly live in peace. Our children will have a chance at a better future. Women will take their rightful place as the powerful, loving leaders that they truly are. It is my hope that I can inspire other women to embrace their inner Goddess. It is our right and responsibility to make the world a better place!

In love and peace,

Monday, August 30, 2010

C'mon get happy!

Many of you have contacted me the last few days with the same basic question: "Why does the energy feel so negative right now, and what do I do to feel better?" I can answer that question by talking about energy, and the collective consiousness. We are going through a lot of changes in the energy on the earth right now. That change is resulting in a fair amount of chaos and tragedy.

First, collective consciousness. This is probably a post of it's own, and so I am only going to scratch the surface right now. The collective consciousness is basically the average feeling of the people on planet. Picture throwing the auras of millions of people into the blender. You have low, high, average, etc. If more people's auras are vibrating really low, then the higher vibrations are pulled down. Their are a lot of factors effecting how we vibrate. The economy, political climate, unemployment, and relationship drama are all things that seem to be the biggest factors right now. The collective vibration being low tends to lower the vibrations of a lot of people, who then really struggle.

Next, energy: It is comfortable for us to be in an environment that is a vibrational match to the vibration of us, of our own auras. An example would be if you walk into a room where someone has just had a fight. Most people can tell that something feels bad about the room. The environment is vibrating low, because something negative has occured there. If your aura vibrates higher than the low vibe of the room, you can feel it. As we allow our own auras to vibrate higher, we start feeling happier, more energetic, and life flows easier.

There are a few simple steps to allowing your aura to raise up to a higer vibration. I realize that there are many methods, but I am going to make this simple and do-able for everyone. If you have a method that you prefer, by all means us it!

1- Clearing our the old: First of all, we have to get rid of the old, lower vibrations that no longer serve you. A clear energy system vibrates so much higher! I like the Archangel Michael approach. Before bed, sit quietly, turn your head to the right, and address Archangel Michael. He is a very powerful, capable Archangel who is really good at clearing out. Since most people's angels are on their side, it makes sense to turn to the right to indicate that you are addressing angels. You may say this aloud our in your head, "Archangel Michael, I am prepared to let go of all of the old energy that my aura is carrying. I am ready to vibrate higher, and to feel better. While I am sleeping tonight, please clear me of any energy that no longer serves me. Thank you, it is done." Don't be too suprised if you have a weird nights sleep! This works really well, however.

2- Raising the vibration: Now that your aura is clear, it will be simple to raise your vibration. Stand with both feet on the floor, arms at your sides, with your palms up. Picture a pillar of brilliant white light coming up from the earth, through your feet, completely encasing you. As you hold that image, breathe in deeply, allowing the light to permeate your entire being. Your aura is filled with sparkling, marvelous light! This is the energy that feels happy, joyful, and light.

3- Protecting your aura- Now that you have cleared and charged, you must protect. There are many factors that fill us up with negative crud on a day to day basis. It is your responsibility to protect yourself! I tell my clients that this is as important as brushing their teeth in the morning. I like to do it in the shower, since it is relatively quiet in there. Literally picture a blue flame of light surrounding your body, completely covering your aura. Blue is a protective color that only lets the good in. Avoiding low vibrating activites makes a big difference too. For the most part, avoiding the news is a really good idea. Also, be careful that you only listen to music that makes you feel good. Music can bring energy down faster than anything! Stick to happy, funny movies and TV. There is no reason to watch scary, sad, disturbing stuff.

In our seemingly negative, confused, unhappy world, it is vital to take good care of your spirit self. You will discover that under the unhappy layers, there is a beautiful, joyful, vibrant world just waiting to be experienced! As you raise your energy, you are also raising the energy of those around you. You are acting positively for the collective consciousness!

If you feel that you need more in depth clearing, some coaching, or more information, call me! I see clients in my Healing Center during the week and on Saturdays. It is my goal to be as available as possible to assist those who need me.

In love and service,

Monday, July 26, 2010

Magic on the Mountain

Yesterday morning when I woke up, my aura was 10 feet wide. I could not stand to have anyone touch me, stand to close, or being anywhere near my energy field. It was just one of those days where you are carrying too much energy, and you feel extra, extra sensitive. My attempts to ground myself and pull my aura in were futile. I realized that what my body was really telling me was that I was tired and needed to recharge my psychic batteries. For me, this usually means getting out in nature and spending some quality time with the elements. The moon was supposed to be full and amazing, so my husband, Scott, and I decided to take a full moon hike.

We set out on our trek around 8:00 PM. We took our 10 year old son Mykah, and our great dane, Saphira. We both felt strongly that we should climb to the top of a butte near our house, the R mountain. The R mountain is actually an ancient volcano that you can hike to the top of and feel like you are on top of the world. We arrived at the base at 8:30, and set out. The view of the surrounding area as the sun set was surreal.

The trail was very steep, and my Goddess shaped body is not really built for this kind of activity. As I struggled along, a huge blue dragonfly started hovering in front of me. I tapped into her energy to communicate. "Hurry, come on!" She encouraged. She was so beautiful, and her energy was so light and pure. She told me that she was so glad that we had come. I told that I was not sure I was up to this kind of a hike. She offered me her light, powerful energy to keep going. I did better for a little bit, then started to struggle again. The trail was extremely steep. Soon, she returned with a friend. Two huge blue dragonflies circled us, surrounding us with their joyful energy. In time, and third dragonfly joined them, and they escorted us all the way to the top of the mountain. When I reached the top of the caldera, I looked to the sky and gasped. There she was, Luna, the moon Goddess, smiling down on us in all of her glory. A huge, brightly lit moon was my just reward for the struggle up the trail. And, man, was it worth it! I sat down on a boulder overlooking the caldera and took it all in. The energy surged through my crown chakra, creating a powerful pulse of energy through out my whole body. I felt like I could not move a muscle. Soon, I could feel the buzz of my root chakra activating, and I realized what a sacred place we were in, where Pele, the volcano Goddess, comes together with Luna, Goddess of the moon. Pele's message of inner strength and positive vibes, combined with Luna's message of inner peace and the clearing of negative energies from my aura was just what I needed to feel renewed and recharged. The three of us sat in silence for a long time, allowing the miraculous energy to blend with our own. Scott took a picture of me standing on a giant lava rock, bathing in the moon light.

The hike back down was all by the light of the moon. Just as the dragonflies escorted us up, a bat escorted us down. We agreed to hike to in silence, so that each would be free to explore their own thoughts. I was feeling a tremendous of gratitude for what I had experienced. It was clear that the universe had urged us here to take in this ethereal experience, and that the dragonflies and bat that escorted us were there for our protection. As if the moon experience was not enough, when we were halfway down the mountain, we were treated to the biggest, brightest shooting star that I have ever seen. It was a night so full of magic, that I will never forget it. I think that I can safely speak for all 3 of us when I say that we will be forever changed.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

You are marvelous, divine beings...Now stand the hell up and act like it!

I have really been drawn all things Goddess for the last couple of years. I love the old Goddess mythology, Egyptian tales, etc. I LOVE that the oldest depictions of the Goddess show a very round, chubby, mommy shaped Goddess. In fact, when I saw pictures of that, I though, "My god, maybe I am the Goddess. She is shaped just like me!" A good year later, I read a thought provoking book, "The Moon Under her Feet". That book left me with the full realization that I really am the Goddess. I am Isis, Goddess of motherhood and domestic arts. I am Inanna, the Queen of Heaven. I am most certainly Artemis, Goddess of dance, singing, and enchantment. I am, without a doubt, Demeter, Goddess of protecting women. I am also Kwan Yin, Vesta, Anu, Danu, Rhiannon....and the list goes on. I am, in all of my greatness, just like them. When I am nurturing my children, healing my clients, tending my garding, loving my dogs, cleaning my home, baking bread, tending to family members and friends in need, I am the the Goddess. I am also, in my darkest moments, just like them. When I am grieving, sorrowing, raging against injustice, or just raging to rage, I am the Goddess. When I having PMS and I am being mean to my husband and kids, I am the Goddess. When I am laughing with friends, playing games, teasing, joking, singing, and spreading joy, I am the Goddess. When I am communing with nature, hiking, swimming, basking in the sunlight, soaking in the moonlight, and loving the earth, I am the Goddess. When I can forgive those who have hurt me, and when I can forgive myself for my own missteps, I AM THE GODDESS! It is an amazingly freeing realization, to become the Goddess. I am all powerful. I control everything around me. I am a formidible force for good, being that I am the Goddess and all.

Sometimes I need to be reminded. Last week, I was playing in a softball game, and I got up to bat. I was thinking about how tired I was feeling, how much work it is to get a good hit and run the bases, and that maybe I should just try to walk. Then my inner guidance slapped me inside the head and said, "You are the Goddess, dammit! Act like it! The Goddess can swing the bat and run, for pity's sake!" So, you know what? I swang the bat, and I hit, the ball, and I got on first base, no problem. The Goddess is no sissy, after all! And neither am I. Anything that I need to do, no matter how difficult, can be done when I remember who I am.

And hear comes the point of this article. Are you ready? Have you already figured this out? Take a deep breath, this may come as a shock. YOU are the Goddess. Yes, you are. You really are. When you nuture, love, laugh, cry, dance, sing, rage, scream, or just are She. The Queen of Heaven. When you love someone you would love to hate, you are Her. When you get all riled up about something seemingly trivial, you are Her. She is you. You are me. I am you. Do you get it yet? We are all one. One in our love, one in efforts, and one in our attempts to change to world.

The Goddess in me needs to change the world. She is passionate about it! She won't leave me alone about it! She came here to get things done, and she won't rest until it is so. Will you join me? Will you rise up, claim your divinity, and be the Goddess? Will you smile when people call you a bitch, and know that Bitch is just another word for Goddess-that-scares-the-crap-out-of-people? Will you follow your heart, listen to your inner guidance, and get the job done? Will you remember, even when you feel like wimping out, that the Goddess is not a sissy? I believe that you will. I know that if you let the Goddess out of the bag, that your life will never be the same. I know that if you decide to embrace you own inner Goddess, and join us, that you will be a force to be reckoned with. I know that you will be unstoppable, fearless, and, I hope, that every once in a while, you will proudly wear the label of Bitch Goddess!

Do it all ready, dammit!

Okay, I started this blog because I am feeling the need to write, and I have had so many magical things happen in my world lately, I would love to share them. The problem is, my ego just keeps getting in my way! This morning, while in the bathtub, I was told about an article that I need to write today. I get a lot of intuition in the tub. Unfortunately, my laptop does not belong in there. Anyways, I get out of the tub, get dressed, and head into the mediatation room to write. I declare to my husband that I am not doing ANYTHING until this article is written. That is when I realize that I really should pull my hair up, since I simply can't write with wet hair streaming down my back. After my hair is put up, I realize that I am unable to write with bad breath, and stop to brush my teeth. Then, I settle in to write....but I forgot my coffee. And maybe I will be more successful if I have some incense burning. I end up out at on the patio looking for matches, which results in the dogs coming in to help me write. By this time, I have realized that what I should really be writing is an article about avoiding, because that I what I am truly skilled at. Perhaps, I reason, I should light a chime candle, and be determined to write until the candle burns down. Brilliant. I light a white candle, call in my angels for guidance, and settle in to write. That is when I bump the coffee table and spill coffee all over my new Archangel Rafael cards. Crap. Okay, cards cleaned up, ready to write. Now, the kids are home from grandmas, and beating the tar out of each other. Husband deals with kids, now bassett hound jumps out on the couch and whips me in the face with her tail. Candle is burned down by 1/4. All right, I don't care if this house burns down around me, I am writing this now! As soon as I check my facebook page....