Monday, January 30, 2012

Recently at a meditation group, I was led on a journey to meet my Divine Self. I was excited to see what wondeful things this Divine Self of mine is up to, since in my mind, she is the perfection of me. What could she teach me? What do I need to do differently, to improve on? I was guided to a little cottage with lights shining through the windows. I opened the door and entered the magical world of my own Divine Self.

There she was, standing in the kitchen, making dinner. I gasped when I saw her, taken completely by suprise. She was round, curvy and voluptious. My Divine Self is Goddess shaped! Her house was untidy, maybe even cluttered. Her kids were playing a game and laughing loudly. The home had a happy, loving energy that enveloped me. Soon Divine Self offered me a cup of coffee and sat with me at the table. I took this chance to ask her a lot of questions. It turns out, Divine Self loves hot baths, good coffee and lavender oil. She loves the moon and the night sky. She laughs and teases and plays. She eats meat! And she loves good wine. She adores animals and shares a deep connection with them. She sees the best in everyone, and loves unconditionally. She knows that all people have unmeasurable potential. She knows that people are inherently good. She cries when her heart hurts and she cries when someone she loves is hurting too. She wants our world to love freely and stop living with fear.
Divine Self helped me to understand that she is the best parts of me. She and I are one and the same, when I am operating in love. She loves me and wants me to live up to my full potential. She does not want me to struggle with finding perfection, since perfection is just an illusion. Instead, she wants me to learn to operate in love all the time, in every situation.

You, my friends, all have a Divine Self too. It is the best parts of you. My challenge to you is to connect to your own divine and celebrate all of the wonderful traits that are you.


  1. I loved this. I knew your Divine Self was all the things you mentioned, and just knowing you has helped me realize that my Divine Self is a lot like yours. They must be related somehow ;)